CIRCA 19THC.CHRISTENING GOWN W/WHITEWORK EMBROIDERY,VALENCIENNE LACE. A stunning christening gown in every respect! This beautiful fine ethereal  lace gown is entirely covered with whitework embroidery and Valencienne  lace.Our pictures do not do justice to the elaborate embroidery,be assured this is even much more lovely then the pictures show.There are ornate floral designs in the lace with elegant leaves and garlands on the bodice and all the way down the front of the gown.On either sides the "wings" of Valencienne lace , also on the neckline and more embroidery and lace on the edges of the sleeves. Practically every bit of lawn is covered in whitework embroidery and also there is a wide band of whitework all along the bottom of the lawn at the back.The Valencienne lace is all around the gown's edging.The amount of work is quite astonishing. There is the original ribbon around the high waist and also tiny narrow ribbon insertions around neckline, sleeves and on the bottom of the gown.The gown itself is a creamy ivory.We chose not to make this whiter because it is very rare to find a gown in this color.If one did decide they wanted it white, all one needs to do is immerse in very hot water and Persil or powdered detergent and let soak. I personally like it this ivory color.Someone added a antique white cotton slip underneath for volume, so one can use or just use the top gown on its own. Measuring approx.44" long.10" across chest line. In very good condition.

Item # ACC287