RARE 19THC. NEEDLE,BOBBIN LACE TABLECLOTH W/AESOP'S FABLES VIGNETTES. This is one of the rarest tablecloths I have come across in all the many years of selling! Measuring approx. 90" round with a combination of fine Needle lace and Bobbin laces. The fables were written down by Aesop, a slave and storyteller in Greece <620-564BCE>and originally the fables were orally transmitted to give ethical guidance to adults.The fables have been handed down throughout the ages to give adults ethical guidance and then eventually were used  to teach  children moral lessons There is a large central vignette  and approx. 12 other vignettes depicting the fables and there are also twenty other Needle lace vignettes surrounding the edge of the cloth. The edging around the cloth has a  lovely deep scalloped needlelace and Milanese lace throughout this cloth. Some of the vignettes depict "the Hare and the Tortoise", The Fox and the Grapes, The Hare and Tortoise, The Fox and the Stork and other fables. In all, a wonderful rare cloth for the serous lace collector. In good condition, a couple of tiny minor openings , the cloth seems almost unused.

Item #AL1259