CIRCA 1900, RARE LINEN TABLECLOTH WITH PAN, AND DANCING NYMPHS.A very unusual tablecloth made with very fine gossamer linen measuring approx. 53-54". The theme is inspired by Greek or Roman mythology.Pan or the Fawn was considered  a fertility deity, the God of shepherds, flock and the wild pastoral groves in Arcadia. "Pan " means "ALL" in ancient Greek. His Father was supposed to have been Hermes and his mother a Dryad. It is said that he spent most of the time wandering forests and playing his music in Arcadia.A fertility deity associated with music , part man and part goat he was usually found in the woods of Arcadia playing his pipes and trying to entice the Nymphs of the forest. He is supposed to have invented the syrinx panpipes. he was considered a amusing presence even though he did not find much success in enticing the nymphs A rare design, the center of the lawn and around its edges have pretty floral Appenzel flower swags with baskets of flowers and around the wide edges, the nymphs cavort and carry pretty garlands of flowers. A very rare and unusual tablecloth, a nice item for the collector. In very good condition, seems rarely used and it retains it's original patina.

Item # AL1146