CIRCA 1880-1900, EXQUISITE BURATTO LACE TABLECLOTH W/GRYPHONS. There is quite amazing workmanship on this wonderful Italian Buratto tablecloth . The design and lacework are excellent. I am not sure where this was made.. I  wonder if it could have come from possibly the Aemilia Ars Society as the design on the needlelace remind me of earlier 17-18THC. lacework. It also could have come from the Buratto lace school?Anyone who has knowledge, I would love to hear your thoughts.This item came from a very important estate  in Boston, the family go way back and were part of the "The Boston Brahmans".They were named that because they were part of High Societyand were usually important members in Boston at the time They were usually people who could  trace their lineage to the earliest settlers in the Boston area. The family items in the collection dated from the 1600's. Well travelled and with superb tase they acquired many items from around the world.This tablecloth seems as if it was never used and so is in very good strong condition. The Reticella, Embroidery and the Buratto lace  are all perfect. The linen cloth has elaborate work, the Buratto depicts the Tree of Life flanked on either side by mythological Gryphons. Measurig approx. 56-57". In excellent unused condition, the lace has it's original patina.

Item #AL1145