CIRCA 19THC. MAGNIFICENT BRUSSELS POINT DE GAZE LACE SHAWL W/"LEFEBURE" BOX. A stunning Brussels Point De Gaze lace shawl. almost completely covered in the very best of needle lace. The shawl comes in it's original box and came from the Lefebure shop n Paris. In 1829 August -Rene Lefebure opened his lace shop in Paris and eventually Ernest Lefebure continued in the shop.It is said that they employed over 15,000 lacemakers and were patrons to royalty  and many society ladies and aristocrats who could afford their luxurious creations. They produced some of the most beautiful designs and lace veils, flounces during their time. This shawl is a testament to their work, not only were the best designers employed but also the very best lacemakers produced items for the shop. I will start by saying that there are well over 100 Heirloom roses throughout the the end, I gave up counting!! Many of the roses have three dimensional petals and there are numerous other florals, including lilies with three dimensional  petals. There are elaborate garlands of flowers, ornate scrollwork and lovely fan designs filled with intricate needle fillings in the shawl.There are elegant shaded leaves falling gracefully from the bouquets and scattered  Point De Esprit scattered throughout the shawl. The shawl is a work of art in every respect. It is quite wonderful that it comes in the original box .At the top of the box there is a crown and initials M. M. written is script. It is quite possible this was made for a member of a Royal family.Measuring approx. 95" by almost 18",or 241cm by 45.72cm. The shawl seems unused or rarely used, it has some minor scattered tiny openings in the hand made ground. The lace retains it's original cream patina. This is a shawl that is well worth being in a museum or a item for the serious collector of lace. It is absolutely beautiful.

Item # AL1147