LUMINOUS LADIES SPITAFIELDS BROCADE SILK GOWN. Circa 1742-45, A luminous  Spitafields brocade silk on this beautiful gown,the Spitafields silk itself dates from 1742-45 and it is possible it was designed by the famous 18THC. designer Anna Maria Garthwaite.The Rococo silk has wonderful  glowing polychrome silk flowering branches throughout the design. During the period of the early 1800's, it became quite fashionable to revive the the early gowns from the 1600's, garments were altered to adapt to the the modern silhouette of the time.  Those who were fortunate enough to have inherited silk gowns from their family archives used the earlier gowns, others bought silks similar to the designs that were popular during the 1600-1700's.The gown was repurposed during the 1840's,the bodice was pieced to create an off the shoulder neckline, shorter sleeves and a fitted torso, while the skirt itself has uncut lengths of fabric used in the original gown. The Victoria and Albert museum has a collection of designs that Anna Maria Garthwaite created during the period 1742-1745. 

Item # EI57