CIRCA 1900, LOVELY "ART NOUVEAU" ERA APPENZELL CUSHION COVER. A beautiful Art Nouveau era Appenzell cushion cover in every respect. The wonderful scene itself is quite a work of art and almost defies belief someone could have created such tiny detailed work. The lady has elaborate decorations on her classical dress and sits on a terrace working on a floral wreath.There are ornate balustrades on the terrace and she seems to be surrounded by a lovely detailed portico and hanging floral vines. The detailed work is quite astonishing, her hair, the pearl necklace ,her dress and basically all the whitework is truly just a work of art. One wonders how it was possible to create such a fine piece.This item came from a collection of lace that belonged to a lady with a superb collection.Please see the other Appenzell pieces we are listing..The surrounding border has that wonderful Art Nouveau flowing design with floral swags connecting the ornate edges.The back of the case has tiny Mother Of Pearl buttons.There are a few repairs done on the edging, so fine, they could only have been done by a masterful lace maker, otherwise in good strong condition. The item has it's original patina.

Item # AL796