CIRCA 1900's, SUPERB APPENZELL WHITEWORK CUSHION COVER. The Appenzell whitework embroidery on this cushion cover is absolutely superb. I can say that the pictures do not do justice to the tiny whitework embroidery that fills the front of the cushion cover. This is one of those items that is even more beautiful when seen. This item came from a rare and very good collection of Appenzell work. All the lace connected with this estate was of the highest order.The lady had the most discerning eye and was a true collector of lace.The ornate large basket is a sight to behold, first, it overflows with roses and flowers which cascade over the edges of the basket.The basket itself has a trellis design and is flanked by floral swags.There are three ornate lovebirds under this design and elaborate undulating scrollwork and flower swags.The top part has lush floral wreaths , floral swags and ribbons.The cushion is surround by Point de Paris lace. It is  stunning piece!Measuring approx. 15" with additional 2 1/4" for edging lace.The back of the lawn has a opening with tiny Mother Of Pearl buttons. In very good condition, a few tiny spots. The item has not been laundered and so has it's original cream patina.

Item #AL795