CIRCA 1750's, SUPERB ARGENTAN LACE BORDER.A very beautiful border of Argentan needle lace.In the eighteenth century Argentan lace  was considered to be a "winter lace" by the ladies in society at that time. The lace was considered to look extremely attractive on the heavier material used for women's clothes during the winter months. This border of Argentan lace has light thread and has a wonderful graceful design of what seems like a central  floral design and then on each side a mirror design of undulating flowers or vines.The tiny work is is more difficult to photograph!The fine Argentan hexagonal ground is quite amazing and the detailed needle lace work is truly beautiful on the florals or swaying trees?. There is of course the raised cordonnet which is itself quite marvelous. Measuring approx.33" by almost 3"wide. A fine and rare lace with the central formal design and 5  floral trees? or vines facing each other. In very good condition. The lace has it's original cream patina. 

Item # AL794