CIRCA 1900, LAVISH APPENZELL EMBROIDERED CUSHION COVER.A absolutely stunning Appenzell whitework embroidered lawn boltster case with a wide Valencienne lace on each edge. Only a master embroiderer could have accomplished such a amazing piece of Appenzell embroidery. This is one of the very best items I have come across in whitework embroidery as the tiny workmanship is splendid. There is a central large oval containing a King and Queen or some other member of royalty inside the most magnificent castle or church.There is detailed latticework on the windows,  and the lush and rich embroidery on the columns and and intricate work in the architecture is exceptional. There are exuberant floral swags, a harp, tiny florets , splendid scrollwork and floral swags around the oval vignette. On each corner there is a fine shaped design with a cherub's face at the center and around the edge of the lawn bolster is a wide border of Valencienne lace. This is a exceptional item, worthy of a museum collection or for the very serious collector. Images of this type of work can never truly show how splendid a piece like this is, it has to be seen to appreciate all the fine detailed work. Measuring approx.27" by 12 1/2".There are two sublime repairs that can have only be done by the very best lacemaker, one measures approx.1 1/2", the other 1/2"near edge of ornate oval, my thoughts even this does not detract from this superb pieces it has been done so well it just blends in.One small spot, otherwise in very good strong condition. the lace has it's original patina.

Item #AL797