CIRCA 1900's, MAGNIFICENT APPENZELL WHITEWORK EMBROIDERED CUSHION COVER.Quite a beautiful scene on this outstanding Appenzell lawn bolster cover. There is a large oval central scene with a lady at the front of the scene pulling a sled that has a child in it and also a lady  assisting at the back.A playful dog runs along the side and a bird hovers over the top of the scene . The landscaped scene also include florals  and on each side smaller ovals containing musical instruments.Throuhgout the cover there are lavish wreaths, floral swags over the amazing tiny grid worked drawnwork. There is a cherub architectural  feature at the top of the large central oval.A exuberant and playful scene that is a superb example of the very best Appenzell work.When I look at Appenzell work like this. I find it truly astonishing that it could have been done by hand.I cannot imagine there is anyone today who could produce such exceptional work as this must have taken ages to create. and the most adept embroiderer. Mind you, there could be that exceptional person today... who perhaps could create such fine work.Measuring approx.35" by 17" wide. There are two repairs at the top edges.I will send pictures. the cover is in good strong condition. needs to be laundered.The pictures have come up lighter but the case has it's original patina.Museum worthy, this is Appenzell work at it's very best.

Item #AL798