CIRCA 1830'S, EXQUISITE AYRESHIRE LACE CHRISTENING GOWN. A  superb Ayreshire lace christening gown with a lovely design of  florals, swags and meandering tendrils and vines. The workmanship is of the highest order..perfect, precise and with  such a beautiful design. The linen used on the very best Ayreshire gowns were always made with the highest quality of linen, smooth and light in the hand. Climactic changes over the centuries changed the flax and so it would be almost impossible to find this quality of linen today. There is a abundance of work on this lovely gown, a profuse  embroidered whitework bodice , with further embroidery on the  three layered sleeves. The embroidery on the skirt makes it's way all the way up to the empire waist with further embroidery on the side wings and edges of the gown. The work is meticulous and almost defies belief that such tiny workmanship could be done. The gown has the finest of Ayrshire workmanship. Measuring apporx.45" long. there are a few tiny openings but I consider minor on a gown with this level of workmanship, the gown is in very good condition. One can always add a early slip under this gown if desired.

Item #ACC284