CIRCA 1900, EXQUISITE 138"FIGURAL POINT DE VENISE BANQUET TABLECLOTH. Quite a exquisite Italian Linen tablecloth measuring approx. 138" long by 84-85" wide. The tablecloth is almost completely covered with fine Reticella lace, Raised Satin Stitch Embroidery and Needle and Filet lace. In the a center there is a large ornate oval containing a decorative vase with flowers , a shaped vignette filled with a Coat of Arms worked in Filet lace and all around the cloth there are many Needlepoint  vignettes filled with figures dressed in classical dress and shaped vignettes filled with cherubim that have been worked in Filet lace. This item is quite a work of art it is lavish in detail and the workmanship is excellent. In very good strong condition, a few tiny openings, totally minor. This item came from a very wealthy estate that dates back to the  1800's. The lady had a love for linens and her collection shows that she must have been very wealthy indeed. Many Americans travelled during the periods to go on their Grand Tours throughout Europe , collecting and commissioning the very best items.  So in all, not only a wonderful cloth, excellent workmanship but also it is always rare to find such a  good length!

Item #AL1412