CIRCA 1900,SUPERB ITALIAN BOBBIN AND NEEDLELACE  BEDSPREAD. Quite a feast for the eyes!! Not only a beautiful grand design but excellent workmanship on this very beautiful offering. Measuring approx. 110" by 78-80". A opulent large scale Baroque design with undulating florals and vines throughout and large vignettes in each corner that measure approx. 21" by 18". The large central ornate oval at the center is surrounded by beautiful floral designs and there are smaller vignettes all around the cloth with vines and florals in the design.This seems to be a bedspread but of course can be used as a cloth or hung as a panel against a bed. or even used as a canopy.One could also add add a cream or colored silk liner underneath to show off the design.This has that wonderful Baroque look and so it is certainly a eye catcher.The workmanship and the design are excellent and the panel has it's original patina and seems unused or rarely used. Fine lace and linens were always made with white threads and then colored with  a tea infusion, never dyed as the dye would eventually destroy the linen.If one does want a whiter look, then very hot water, suds, hang in the sun etc. works.

Item #AL1422