CIRCA 1880-1900,EXQUISITE VOLUMINOUS TAMBOUR LACE SKIRT. This wonderful Belle Epoque era Tambour lace skirt is quite stunning! it has a beautiful design and the workmanship is meticulous.This might have originally been part of a dress as the waistband  is unfinished.The  skirt is lined with a medium weight cream silk taffeta which is covered with a fine silk chiffon with  triple ruching at the bottom to give volume. It also has a 18-20" net flounce under the bottom part of the lace. All these layers were made to give it the wonderful voluminous look.The skirt measures approx.24-25" around waistline, The front measures approx. 42-43" and the long tapered back approx. 57-60". Once the waistband is finished off, one can wear as a dramatic evening outfit or it is perfect for a wedding dress . The skirt is in quite amazing condition  the silk at waistband has a small tear, but that is probably where it was cut down form the bodice, there might be a few small minor issues but the lace skirt is strong and in very good condition. If one would like more pictures of the inside layers please just email me.

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