ELABORATE 19THC. LINEN TABLECLOTH W/BIRDS,BASKETS AND FLORALS. Quite an amazing amount of handwork on this tablecloth. The center of the cloth has a fine and profuse amount of lacework, there is Reticella lace , Raised Satin Stitch embroidery  and Needlelace. The design has large charming baskets overflowing with florals and assorted birds worked in needlelace in each corner. This is a rare design, I have found it interesting that at some point during the late  19THC-1900  these linen cloths with these unusual designs were  made. The tablecloths in this collection all have elaborate work, some have different animals and others have assorted birds in the design. I believe they must have been commissioned by someone who was involved with a museum or  someone who was very interested in natural history During the late 18-19th centuries and also in the early part of 1900's, there was a expansion of exploration and travel throughout the world.  There were many academic societies and there were many private associations  who sponsored these explorations. Some of the cloths in this collection were made especially for this collector.The collection must have been kept together and then finally made its way into  this one particular collection we are selling. Measuring approx. 70" by almost 70". In very good condition, the cloth seems rarely used or perhaps unused.

 Item #AL1275