CIRCA 19THC. MAGNIFICENT 198" BRUSSELS LACE FLOUNCE. Quite simply a magnificent very long flounce of Brussels lace measuring approx. 198" by 22" wide, 502.92cm by 55.88cm. This long flounce also has finished scalloped edging on both ends.This beautiful item came from a very good estate in New York, the owner had impeccable taste and all her laces were basically works of art! I think this must have come from one of the very good lace makers workshops, perhaps from the workshop of Lefebvre. The design is elegant and very ornate with large scale floral bouquets and gentle trailing Wisteria swags at the top part of the lace. There is a massive amount of scrollwork, vignettes with needle fillings and large leaves on the scalloped border surrounded by many florals, meandering vines and leaves with scattered Point De Esprit throughout the lace The lace excels  not only in design but also in the quality of workmanship. The lace is in near mint condition, a few tiny minor lace repairs at the top heading and a few very tiny openings.Any repair done in this early years was probably done by the original workshop as even the repairs are pretty amazing. This item seems to have only been used once, it was rolled around a long tube covered in cootn or linen and stored away with acid free tissue paper.  So, in all, a stunning offering, the lace has it all, beautiful in design, excellent lace work, and to find such a long flounce with finished edges is very rare. 

Item # AL1204