CIRCA 17THC. EARLY ENGLISH CRAVAT ?  First , let me say that this item is part of a very early lace collection that we acquired. These were kept as examples.It might have been part of the Jesurum collection or the other early collection we have from the Grand Maison De Blanc" in Paris. Some of the laces were were labeled , others were not but the fact that it came with other early lappets, cuffs and really early 16-17THC. laces make me think it is early as opposed to late. The lace is shaped at the top and finished at the bottom but the sides seem to have been cut. Throughout the centuries lace was so valued that it was never thrown away, many times it was remade into whatever was fashionable at the time. This came with some other early single cuffs so it is possible that it also could have been part of a cuff. It seems to be English! I welcome all thoughts on this. The lace has raised three dimensional flowers and is quite dense in the design. Measuring approx. 101/2" across the bottom, 6" across the top and 6" deep. In good strong condition.

Item #AL1195