CIRCA 1710, EXQUISITE  BINCHE LACE BORDER. I simply love Binche lace.. not only because of the beautiful design but also because it is so elegant and refined. It almost defiles belief that the lacemaker could create this lace with the finest flax thread and actually create a finished piece. Many lacemakers worked over warm cow sheds with a single lacemakers lamp to create this beautiful lace because the flax was so fine. the early Binche and Valenicenne laces were so light and delicate it is said the lace practically disappeared in water when it was being washed and seems to look almost like a milky film laying in the water. The lace itself is as light as a feather1 There is a beautiful full rich design of undulating vines, leaves and  lovely flowers.  The  snowflake ground and partridge eye  ground are always so very delicate and beautiful.Measuring approx.13 1/2" by almost 2" wide.  The lace has it's original cream patina and is in very good strong condition.        

Item # AL1040