CIRCA 1680's, LONG BORDER OF POINT DE FRANCE LACE. Measuring approx. 56" long by 3 1/2" at it's widest part. The Point De France lace is shaped and so possible could have been a collar? at some point. The lace has come from a  museum deaccession and still has the label with the original stamp impressed on the paper.. The design, which has the most amazing tiny florals throughout the lace are quite exceptional in the level of workmanship.These tiny beauties stand out with raised cordonnet and minute fillings. The lace work is quite startling as one can not imagine how such tiny work on this scale could even have been made..There is some scattered damage in the brides but overall there is alot that is good  too. One could always keep the good parts but in a sense I think a good early lace piece like this should not be cut.. simply because it is a testament to the best of lace work. Lace like this was so treasured that it was kept alive by families, unfortunately one needs to be a Master lacemaker to really be able to repair. So... the lace has it's original cream patina. My opinion , a bit of a treasure for  the lace collector who loves this lace work. I offer the buyer a return once viewed but my thinking is that , when one sees the detailed workmanship that they will love not only the  tiny scale but the beauty of the lace work. Still.. the return is offered because there is a lot of good lace parts on this and certainly I feel it should be seen.

Item # AL1039