CIRCA 1700's,FINE RARE LAWN HANDKERCHIEF W/CLASSICAL THEME.  This very beautiful handkerchief is made with the finest lawn, gossamer and ethereal in texture . I believe this might be a gentlemen's handkerchief. Certainly a lovers handkerchief as there are four beautiful whitework images  with themes of love. There is a image of the Goddess  "Speranza" The goddess of "Hope"she is  in classical dress with a cherubim near her. She holds a flower and sits in a garden with wheat sheaves on the ground. In one corner there is a bow and arrow. Another image is of the Goddess "Constanza" which means "Constancy". She sits on a ornate bench holding a flaming sword and has her arm around a column. Another image is of "Venere e Marte" which is the goddess "Venus" and "Mars". He is dressed in Roman attire with a sword and spear and she cleaves to him , there are two lovebirds in the design.. The last image  "Amore E Fedeli?" meaning perhaps courtly love? faithfulness?. Dante eventually wrote about this and it certainly makes interesting reading on the net. The image could be Psyche and Eros.. I am not sure. There is a dog , a bow and arrow and the goddess holds a mirror or key?. In all, a wonderful  rare handkerchief. Measuring approx. 28". In mainly very good strong condition, there is a small hole and a few pinprick openings and a small stain but overall in very good strong condition.I can send more pictures if one desires. It is interesting for me as I sold this handkerchief over 30 years ago, so it has made it's way back to me. It is one of the earliest handkerchiefs and such a delight to have acquired it again.

Item #AL1036