CIRCA 1880-1900, LAVISH BURANO LACE TABLE RUNNER. The quality of the lacework on this piece makes me think it was probably made by the Burano Lace School.The design is excellent and the quality of workmanship is quite superb.There is Venetian Rose Point, Gros Point lace, bobbin lace  and what seems like very fine Burano lace along the two side edges..There are four classical ladies in the design and very ornate florals and leaves throughout the design.My favorite part of this are the two pieces of lace on either side. These were backed with a net lace, probably to protect the lace because it was lighter in texture.. The design and workmanship on these two pieces are really quite beautiful.It seems to be Burano lace and yet the ground seems like Argentan..It is difficult to be clear as the netting on the back makes it difficult to clearly determine the ground.The lace has meandering vines, arching boughs, and lovely flowers, some with raised cordonnet. Measuring approx. 52 1/2" by 28" wide. The table runner is in good strong condition, there is a 1/2" opening in the  lace and some scattered repairs and small openings. My opinion, is that as whole it is certainly a very good item. This is a very good example and a very good item for the lace collector.  

Item# AL1035