CIRCA 1920, LOVELY LARGE FRENCH NORMANDY LACE BEDSPREAD. A very pretty  French Normandy lace bedspread with the original patina. This bedspread seems as if it was unused or rarely used.There are large Fond De Bonet vignettes and pretty fine light  Valencienne lace throughout the bedspread. This is not one of the more coarse heavier Normandy's that were made later in time . This bedspread has a light lovely ethereal quality and is a example of the fine Normandy bedspreads made during the early part of the 1920's..Pictures do not do justice as unfortunately we photographed when there was low light, in person it is much more lovely, not only because of the fine workmanship but also because of it's texture. A extra added bonus is that it has scalloped edges which means it really can be used in other ways.We have it draped over a cream silk panel which does not come with it but of course one can use as is or use a pretty silk underneath. Measuring approx. 90" by 70". In good strong condition.

Item #ALB83