CIRCA 1880-1900, MAGNIFICENT CANTON SILK EMBROIDERED SHAWL. This Canton silk shawl is truly a work of art! Circa 1880-1900, shawls like this were hand embroidered in Canton for the European market and were acquired by society ladies who travelled abroad for their Grand Tour.  They were used originally as piano shawls or decorative throws but also were worn. In Spain where there is such a tradition of wonderful festivals, the women are quite glorious wearing their shawls and it is quite a sight to behold. I have sold thousands of Canton shawls in the last forty odd years, but when one sees a shawl like this , one understands it is not only the design but the workmanship.. and in this , this shawl excels.It is not possible to praise it enough!The polychrome silk threads glisten against the silk and there is perfection in the embroidery. The leaves, the flowers basically sing out in joy.  There are assorted beautiful flowers with amazing detailed work and elegant shaded leaves and vines trail off throughout the shawl. Measuring approx. 65", 165cm with additional silk fringe almost 10",25cm.The shawl has a few tiny wear areas near edge fringe,and a couple of small spots also on the edge, absolutely minor in relation to the very good strong condition, this shawl appears as if it was never used and is in beautiful condition. The person who has been a collector of these shawls will know that this is the very best of the Canton shawls  and so ideal for the serious collector or for a museum.

Item #AS95