CIRCA 1700's, EXQUISITE LONG BORDER OF BRUSSELS LACE. This Brussels border measures approx.70" by 2 1/4", 177.8 cm long. The design is absolutely stunning, there are wonderful large florals and what seems to be large shaped cornucopias overflowing with florals, meandering ornate vines and leaves throughout the lace. The workmanship  is rich and baroque and the dense work and design covers most of the ground.This certainly is a lace that needs to be appreciated up close as the workmanship is quite superior. We have more pictures if someone would like to see more... Suffice to say ,this is more wonderful in person. In my understanding , photos can never really capture these early laces in the proper way.They are sublime and quite ethereal not only in their design but also in the level of workmanship and the fine flax thread one can only understand by seeing and touching the early laces.. The lace has it's original cream patina and was tacked on to silk .In good condition,  the lace seems unused.

Item# AL853