CIRCA 1700's, FRENCH SILK PURSE WITH POLYCHROME EMBROIDERY. A lovely 18THC. French silk purse edged with metallic braid .At  the back of the purse there is a round vignette with  initials embroidered with polychrome silk and metallic embroidery, the initials are "JK" and under that a embroidered script with a French message of love .I am not able to discern all the words but "mon amour pour vous" is easy to understand. A love pocketbook!! At the front a small heart with the number "3" and a pretty embroidered floral vine with florals. There is a fine gold metallic matching braid that wraps around the purse. In mainly good strong condition, there are natural wear related stains and some loose metallic braiding that needs to be seen to.The inner part of the purse is lined with very fine cream silk and is is very good condition. It opens to a twofold pocket, at the back part, on the edge the silk has come away from the edge so needs to be reattached. Measuring apporx. 7" by 4 1/2" wide laying flat.A nice item for the early collector of costume.

Item  # EI63