CIRCA 19THC.MAJESTIC POINT DE VENICE,CANTU LACE BANQUET TABLECLOTH. Quite a stunning tablecloth! It is rare to find the combination of Venetian Gros Point and Cantu lace in a tablecloth This wonderful banquet tablecloth measures approx. 180 by 70 inches. Both in design and workmanship this cloth excels! Besides the usual elaborate scrollwork throughout the cloth, there are large ornate vignettes filled with needle lace.There are large scale mythological mermaids with superb raised three dimensional scales on the edge of each corner  holding aloft  classical urns or vases overflowing with fruit and flowers.The center of the cloth has a wide shaped long border of Venetian lace with raised Gros Point work.There are over ninety or more assorted birds and animals , all with detailed three dimensional work, lovely raised wings , and great detailed workmanship on all the images. .The needle lace has gentle meandering vines and florals , undulating vines with Poppies and other flowers throughout the design.In very good condition with good provenance and original patina. A sumptuous cloth in every respect, a excellent item for the serious lace and linen collector.

Item # ALT149