CIRCA 17THC.EXQUISITE VENETIAN GROS POINT LACE FLOUNCE. Superb workmanship on this lavish Venetian Gros Point lace. The measurement is quite astonishing, it measures apprx. almost 4 yards long, 142-144 by 9 inches. Centimeters apprx. almost 365.76cm by 22.86cm.The design is quite beautiful with arching florals and leaves and lovely raised cordonet. I can only imagine this was either made for the Church or for someone so very rich. It is extremely rare to find such a long length Of Venetian Gros Point.This lace was the most sought after in the 17THC.-18THC by the nobility.One can see many images of the lace on portraits during this period in museums . Grinling Gibbons, the master woodcarver for King George 1, Charles 11   also commissioned by many Churches, including St Paul's Cathedral,  Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. He was deeply inspired by the beauty of Gros Point lace  where one of the finest examples of his carving of this lace is at Chatsworth House. A exquisite offering, both in rarity, design and workmanship. There are a few openings on one end and some scattered brides, all minor to the totality of condition. Lace is in very good strong condition. (Item #AL630)

Item # AL663