CIRCA 1900, CHARMING LACE BEDSPREAD WITH MATCHING PILLOWCASE. Quite a lovely ethereal net bedspread with superb embroidery. The design and workmanship are really quite amazing. There are large central floral bouquets with great swirling vines and leaves. A further large swag design on the edges and floral embroidery , leaves and vines all along the two edges on the side of the bedspread and wonderful double layered ruffles all down the edges  with a plain large net ruffle  at the bottom with a finer decorative lace all along the top. The pillowcase has the same design  at the center,drawn work edging around the design and a lovely light pretty embroidered lace around the edges. The bedspread measures apprx. 90" bY 74" ,this includes ruffle measurement of 6" at each side. The pillowcase measures appts.35" by 19" with additional 3" ruffle all around the edge. What I like most about this offering is how ethereal it looks.The beautiful whitework floral design is so impressive and the lace on the ruffles has a elegant embroidered design with scattered Point De Esprit over the plainer net underneath.I am pretty much a minimalist in my decor, and yet,this is something I would use as it has a lightness of being and the right amount of work and empty space.Quite a stunning set. In very good condition  seems rarely used, might have a few tiny openings, overall so very minor .This estate had two of these. they were usually used during the summer as they were light and fine. The other bedspread does not have a pillowcase. This offering is for one bedspread and one pillowcase.When we list the other, one could use as curtains too if desired or for four poster bed. 
(Item #ALB65)