CIRCA 1880,,MAGNIFICENT 130" BRUSSELS LACE SHAWL.This is a wonderful  cream Brussels mixed application shawl, composed of both needle and bobbin lace measuring a astonishing 130-132 inches by apprx. 33 inches for width.Centimeters measurement apprx. 330.2cm by 83.82cm. I can mention here, that the pictures do not do enough justice to how superb this shawl is. The needle and bobbin lace is absolutely exquisite and I can say that this is one of the very best shawls of this type I have come across . The design has a ethereal quality and is quite sublime,there are lovely large roses ,lilies,tulips and other floral bouquets, ornate scrollwork and gentle elongated foliate with scattered small florets and Point De Esprit throughout the shawl.In quite amazing condition,, a couple of areas with storage spots that will come up.This item came from a very fine fine estate, the lady had great taste and had the highest level of items.Please also see the Brussels Point De Gaze lace shawl that came from the same estate.  After handling so many lace pieces throughout the years, these two items , both in design and some of the  highest level of workmanship on these items really amazed me.Breathtaking and beautiful are the words here.If one wanted to say how they would rate.. 1 out of 10..I give these items a 20 rating, I don't say this lightly,but the highest respect needs to be shown to such superior artistry. (Item #AL646)