MAGNIFICENT AND ORNATE BURANO LACE BANQUET TABLECLOTH W/GRYPHONS,CHERUBS,FIGURES. A magnificent tablecloth in every respect!The design is outstanding on this truly grand Burano lace banquet tablecloth with a lavish and profuse design,the meandering scrollwork and wonderful vignettes are filled with figurals in period dress. The design is so exuberant, there are classical vases overflowing with florals, numerous birds and ornamental gryphons, mythological animals,lions,cherubs playing musical instruments. The center of the cloth has a large 20" central vignette filled with playful and cavorting cherubs with ribbons and flower swags and around that design there are figural mermaids or mastheads, winged mythological birds, winged lions and other animals.There are then large classical elegant vases overflowing with flowers and on either side of the central design there are two large 22" long shaped vignettes containing courting couples in pastoral gardens. Measuring apprx. 252" by 62" wide.In centimeters aprx. 640.08 cm by 157.48 cm.The workmanship on this tablecloth is quite outstanding.In very good strong condition, seems rarely used, a few spots,absolutely minor.This cloth came from a very good estate in New York.A item for the serious lace collector or for museum collection. (Item#ALT120)