SPLENDID APPENZELL BEDSPREAD WITH CUPIDS,ANIMALS,MATCHING SHAM.A rare and magnificent offering! Part of a beautiful whitework collection we purchased recenlty,this lovely bedspread measures apprx 103" by 102".The stunning design of fine Appenzell lace and Valencienne lace is on three sides.The bedspread is made of the finest lawn and heavily embellished on each side. The corners measure aprx.22" with 17" for the design around each side.In each corner a chariot with birds and delightful cherubs with flower swags carried by flying cherubs.A lavish design above the Valencienne lace edging, high spirited cherubs on top of goats,chariot or carriages and birds.A enchanting scene with fine workmanship.There is one matching sham with a central ornate monogram and garlands of flowers upheld by cherubim.In each corner ,playful cherubs with bows and arrows and butterflies. Measuring apprx.35" to include 3 3/4" Valencienne edging and a area for ribbon insertion.There is one other sham but this has damage,this is included in offering and parts of it can be used for cushions etc.The bedspread is in very good condition as is the sham, there is one small wear area in a very ornate area, under 1", so just needs a bit of embroidery. I do not think I have ever seen a bedspread like this in almost 38 years of selling. This enchanting piece must have been made for a exceptional lady and is perhaps  a part of a wedding trouseau.It is quite possible that a lace duvet cover would have been placed at the center of this piece as lawn and silk duvets with lace overlays were quite popular in Europe.A wonderful item for the collector of Appenzell work. (Item #ALB30)