EXQUISITE CHINESE SILK EMBROIDERED SHAWL W/FIGURALS,HANDPAINTED FACES.Circa 1880-1900, a magnificent Chinese or Canton embroidered silk shawl with a wonderful design.Large Chinese figurals with hand painted faces, set amidst a background of architectual buildings, pagodas and terraces.Large cabbage roses throughout the shawl with peacocks and other birds and smaller images of figurals in boats, riding animals etc. A lovely pastoral scene on one whole side and large cabbage roses on the other side.Beautiful design on this early piano shawl with unusual coloring, a light beige silk background and almost a olive green silk thread.The scale is quite amazing ,apprx.8" for large figurals, almost 9" for large cabbage roses.The shawl measures apprx. 64" with 18" additional for macrame and fringe.A SUPERB shawl !! (Item #AS26)