CIRCA 1900, EXQUISITE BURANO LACE TABLE RUNNER. I love this beautiful  and graceful table runner! The design is elegant and quite exquisite in itself..but at the same time the workmanship is also absolutely superb .The linen itself is the finest linen one could ask for and it seems this triangle of three.. linen, design and workmanship is all one could ask for when looking for the best of lace or linen items. Many of these fine linens came from very wealthy estates where excellence and taste were quite normal in the home.During the 1800's-1900's many Americans travelled to Europe on their Grand Tours collecting the most wonderful array of items, from clothing to lace and linens etc.I do not know the exact provenance..but I do know where this collection ended and who it was who supplied it many years ago. Measuring approx.69-70" by 24-25".In very good condition, this was washed and preserved in acid free tissue paper.Th runner seems unused or for that matter rarely used.

Item #AL1479