CIRCA 19THC. LOVELY 156" BRUSSELS LACE FLOUNCE W/RIBBONS AND FLOWERS. Quite a amazing length on this lovely Brussels lace flounce. Measuring approx. 156" by 12  1/2" wide, approx. Centimeters approx. 396.24 cm by 31.75 cm. The design is very attractive and has deep scallops on the edges. There are large floral bouquets  that have ornate swags and ribbons between each large floral bouquet. There are other smaller floral swags at the top and Point de Esprit scattered throughout the lace. The lace has it's original cream patina and I especially love the different designs on the edges.In mainly good condition, there are a couple of larger repairs done near heading at the top of the lace.These were done in a early time and that usually means someone very skilled doing the repair.There are a few very small wear areas near top of lace, perhaps this was where it was attached and a few very small tiny repairs in the busy part of the lace design so one hardly notices them.If you need some more pictures of the repairs ,let me know.The lace seems almost perhaps used once and then stored away. It is always rare to find a good long length of Brussels like this.The design and workmanship are very good.  

Item #AL1476