CIRCA 1880-1900,ELABORATE  ROUND 105"NEEDLE, BOBBIN LACE TABLECLOTH. It is quite rare to find such a large round tablecloth!The design is so very ornate, there is a circular linen with embroidery at the center of the cloth that is then surrounded by a wide Filet lace with needle lace insertions.There are cherubs and urns, mythological animals and birds, scrollwork  and masses of meandering floral vines.There are large images of ladies also in the design. Many of the Italian linens have designs that celebrated the "Primavera" Spring and also Harvest themes. Their designs were lavishly decorated with florals, fruit and ornate scrollwork were in many of the linens they made. This very light creamy colored tablecloth seems almost unused.This was usually the natural patina of items made during that time. Lace was dipped into light gentle tea infusions to color as opposed to dye.If one desires to make this cloth white , the answer is very hot water . Cool water and suds will keep the original color. In very good strong condition, a couple of minor light stains that will come up easily once laundered. There is such a tremendous amount of lacework in this  wonderful tableclothcloth. 

Item #AL1445