EXQUISITE "ROYAL SOCIETY" LINEN TABLECLOTH W/EMBROIDERED ROSES. This is one of the most amazing "Royal Society" tablecloths I have come across in my many years of selling fine linens. First the size... Measuring approx. 84", it is so rare to find a cloth this size,most of the cloths made during the time were much smaller in size.This is a grand cloth, a stunning reminder of the embroideries made during the late 1800-1900's. The roses are quite majestic in themselves, combined  with the scrollwork and floral swags and also the trellis Drawnwork background..one can only say that for the collector of 'Royal Society" linens is certainly does not get better than this offering. This is a rose garden in itself! In very good condition, this has been stored away for many years and was part of a important collection. It seems rarely used. 

Item # AL1437