CIRCA 1890-1900,EXQUISITE HAND EMBROIDERED CANTON SHAWL W/BIRDS. One of the most amazing shawls I have ever been fortunate to offer! In many many years and thousands of shawls, this beauty stands out well above the rest. First, the hand embroidery is absolutely superb and as for the design.. well this was designed by quite a wonderful artist . There are probably more than two hundred birds, there are Birds of Paradise, Love birds,Flamingos,Swallows, Cranes, Peacocks, Owls,Ducks, Partridges  to name just a few.The Swallows soar in the design amidst the meandering floral vines.There are roses and nests of baby birds, owls sitting on branches while below Ducks and other birds take to the water. There is a outer garland of clouds and birds and finally a lovely fine Macrame edging. Measuring approx.52" with an addition very long hand made 22" Macrame fringe. This shawl is in wonderful condition, seems rarely used or unused. The fine  silk has a good weight and is a lovely item to wear or to use in home decoration.One of the best shawls in design and workmanship, well worthy of a serious collection. 

Item #AL1267