CIRCA 1900, EXQUISITE ITALIAN LINEN TABLECLOTH W/LADIES , CHERUBS. Ornate and elaborate work on this lovely Italian lace tablecloth. The design has a heavily worked  wreath  lace center and around the wide edges there are large oval shaped vignettes with assorted fine worked needle lace ladies in classical dress. As with many of the fine antique linens  made in Italy at the time, the theme  usually revolved around the "Rites of Spring" or  "Harvest time". A time of abundance and joy that came from the gifts of nature.The figures  have wonderful detailed needle lace work.  Surrounding the vignettes there are  smaller shaped vignettes with cupids and large flower swags and above a rich assortment of large flowers, meandering vines and leaves and decorative scrollwork. The tablecloth is certainly  a feast for the eyes ! The tablecloth has such a beautiful design and exceptional lace work. The tablecloth measuring approx. 92" -95", centimeters approx. 233.68-241.3cm. This item probably originally  came from the "Fox" estate, during the early 1900's, Metro Goldwyn Mayer's owner had the most beautiful linen collection.Over the years I have sold items from this collection and I can truly say the linens were the very best I had come across in all my many years of selling. In good strong condition.

Item #AL1243