CIRCA 1730, EXQUISITE VALENCIENNE LACE LAPPETS,HEADRESS. This is certainly one of the most beautiful lappets I have come across.The lappet and headdress not only has the most wonderful design, there  are meandering vines and florals, diamond shaped designs, all worked with the most exceptional flax thread. The lace also has a "Cinq-Trous" ground. A dense beautiful design and perfection in the workmanship , one could not ask for no more in a piece of lace.The lace seems unused and came from a early lace collection.. there are a few small storage spots, which I consider absolutely minor. The lappet seems as if it was never used and was in storage for many years. Over many years I have bought from different sources some of this amazing collection.I came across some of the lace collection well over 15 years ago.I bought the majority of it then, and  over the years, I bought more from different sources. One begins to recognize that the true original collector was either a museum or one of the most amazing collectors I have come across in almost 45 years.All pieces were truly superb.The lappet itself is as light as a feather, I am amazed at it's very existence!! Photographs never do real justice to the finest  lace like this, true collectors and lacemakers will understand that, it is only seeing it in person can one understand the skill of the lacemaker who created this magnificent piece.

Item #AL1199