EXQUISITE ANTIQUE CHINESE SILK EMBROIDERED VALANCE W/CRANES,BIRDS,ROSES Circa 1900, the most amazing Chinese silk embroidered valance I have come across.This is basically a WORK OF ART!! Both in the grand design and in the level of superior embroidery, one can only say that this is perfection itself. There are more than 28 assorted animals and countless large roses. A water scene, at the center with two wonderful large cranes with assorted birds flying in the air and perched on trees.The birds have the most amazing plumage, so detailed and so beautifully worked. There are fish in the design and crabs and even a frog and a butterfly in the air. The are so many trees, with delicate florals and cascading leaves, small underground rock pools where the crabs can be seen and fish under the water. A grand and monumental example of Chinese embroidery perfection  in every sense.There are more pictures so if a buyer is interested they can email me and I will forward some more pictures.Measuring approx.142" long , the width is approx.38" and the Macrame fringe is approx.7".This had been used but also stored away very well and so it is is quite amazing condition, there is some wear on the inner lining and some loose parts of Macrame but I consider minor . I do not even think the lining really needs to be replaced unless desired. There is a mark on one end, again I can send a picture to a interested buyer. What counts is the silk embroidery itself and it is in such good condition. There is a opening all along the top where the curtain pole or rod went through. A beautiful item for the collector of Chinese textiles.

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