CIRCA LATE 18THC. - EARLY 19THC. 19THC. ANTIQUE CHINESE TEXTLE W/CRANES,BUTTERFLIES,KOI FISH. Measuring approx. 19-19 1/2" by 20 1/2",this textile has a central design with a table and fruit? and around the center there are Cranes, Butterflies, a Dragonfly  and Bee and Koi fish. This is part of a collection that came from a very old estate. The gentleman travelled extensively. Many of his items were bought in the Far East and have been stored in a trunk for a very long time. This basically is in strong condition  but there are water marks and stains.there is some separation in the outline but I consider that minor. So very strong and good condition, but water and age stains. 

This item comes with provenance and was part of a large estate.The gentleman travelled a great deal throughout his life.During the war he was part of a Special Operations flying group called "The Carpetbaggers" He was a navigator on the Air Corps B24's, this small group flew moonlit missions over Europe and the Netherlands. They were responsible for dropping spies, supplies, etc. in support of the Resistance in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands,Belgium and France etc. Over the years he received some of the highest honors from these countries and was given medals for his bravery. When the war was over he went back to acting and became a writer, producer and director and theater critic.

Item # AT72