CIRCA 1880-1900, EXQUISITE BURANO, VENETIAN LACE BEDSPREAD.  This beautiful and sumptuous bedspread is a  wonderful work of art!! The design is so orate and the meticulous workmanship is quite superb.There is a large central oval filled with a ornate basket with overflowing roses and flowers and with a lovely ribbon at the top of the basket.At the top of the bedspread there is a large vignette containing two cherubs surrounded by floral swags and ribbons. All along the side there is elaborate undulating scrollwork consisting of vines and florals with different assorted cherubim faces. Near the bottom of the bedspread there are two cherubs kissing and has lovely Milanese lace throughout the bedspread and  two large Milanese flounces on each side edge.During the 19THC-1900's, many wealthy Americans travelled to Europe on their "Grand Tour", they acquired beautiful items throughout their trips to Italy, France and other countries.Even at that time the cost must have been prohibitive and certainly this would have been made for someone extremely wealthy. I believe possibly this might have been originally made for a Hollywood mogul in the 1900's. The linens eventually made their hands through different collectors  through the years. Forty -five years of looking at linens, one comes to know that a item like this could only have been made for a member of Royalty or a member of  High Society or as in this case a very important and wealthy mogul. Measuring approx. 78" by 88", approx. 198.12cm by 223.52cm. In wonderful condition, the bedspread certainly seems unused or rarely used and the lace has it's original cream patina. This is a superb item for the serious lace collector or for a museum.

Item #AL1162