Measurign approx.

CIRCA 1860's,RARE HONITON LACE TRIANGULAR SHAWL W/THREE FEATHERS,FLORALS.A very rare shawl dating from the era of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert . I must admit I have never seen such a large shawl made with Honiton! The design has "Three Large Feathers" at the center and also on the sides the shawl , these feather have raised outline cordonet work on them and throughout the shawl there are roses and lilies and assorted other vines, florals and leaves.What is quite striking are the three feathers in the shawl. The thee feathers are part of Prince Albert's heraldic crest and have been part of royal insignia  since the Plantagenets and although of course in a different design it is  possible this was made for some member of royalty or even used a exhibition piece.. During Queen Victoria's reign she urged  the country to purchase English laces.She commissioned Honiton lace as opposed to the more popular Brusselslace for her wedding dress and helping to revive the lace industry in Devon. Measuring approx. 116" by 56" at the widest part, 295cm by 142cm at widest part. I wish I had some more history on this rare shawl so I always welcome information. In very good strong condition, I really do not see any damage but if there is, it is minimal. This was kept very well and was part of a very good lace collection.

Item #AL1065