CIRCA 19THC. ETHEREAL  155" BRUSSELS LACE FLOUNCE. A very long pretty flounce of Brussels lace measuring approx. 155" long by almost 15" wide centimeters approx. 393.7cm by38.1 cm wide.The Brussels lace has it's original cream patina and seems as if it was never washed. The lace is strong and was probably attached to a gown during the 19TH century. Lace like this was usually never cut but used on the bottom of wedding dresses and ball gowns.Although the lace is strong and in good  condition there is a small tear near the heading on the lace and  some scattered repairs at the top part of the lace where the Point de Esprit is and where the lace might must have been attached to the gown.The repairs were done  in the late 1800's and certainly were not done today. The most important part, where the floral bouquets, scrollwork ,undulating vines, florals and leaves is fine. For the person who makes this into a mantilla or dress the lace is good and strong to use. A good amount of lace on this very long flounce, a lovely design and good workmanship. All of this is good to use. 

Item # AL1072