CIRCA 1900, LUMINOUS PINEAPPLE LINEN TABLECLOTH W/EMBROIDERY. This tablecloth is so very ethereal and beautiful. Cloths like this were made with fine linen  flax woven from pineapples and are called "Pina" cloths. This is one of the most beautiful ones I have come across since we had the Marcos placemats. The lace was made in the Philippines and was very popular during the early 1900's. The color of the cloth is cream and the embroidery is a lighter color and so the wonderful embroidery stands out. The pretty Napoleonic wreaths are tied on the edge with a ribbon  and the Drawnwork in the wreaths are filled with an amazing array of different designs. This is a item one has to see in order to realize the level of work .It is absolutely  incredible work.This item excel in design and lace work.The scalloped edges all have different various fillings.. all very fine and so very precise. Measuring approx.38". the cloth is in very good condition, this item was never used and came from a very good collection. 

Item #AL1086