CIRCA 1900, EXQUISITE APPENZELL FIGURAL LINEN TABLE RUNNER. A wonderful piece!! The table runner is made of the finest linen and measures approx. 106" by almost 11" long.The Appenzell whitework embroidery is of the highest order.There are three large oval vignettes.The central one has a gentleman in period dress climbing a ladder to pick fruit while a lady and child wait in the landscaped garden. The Buratto background is very fine and the decorations on the period costumes are quite wonderful. The design has connecting Appenzell flower swags and Buratto work and link up with each vignette. There is one lady in elaborate dress and also a young man among fruit trees in the landscaped garden.The vignette on the far left part of the runner matches the one on the right side. Many of the linens made in Europe depicted the rites of Spring or Harvest time. One would have to see this table runner up close to understand the level of perfection that has been attained. Stunning and beautiful and a superb item for the serious Appenzell collector.There is one tiny minor opening near one edge , otherwise in excellent condition. The runner seems as if it was unused or  rarely used and came from a very good collection of Appenzell embroidery. 

Item # AL973