CIRCA 18THC. FINE VALENCIENNE LACE BORDER. The lace has a gossamer quality.. the design is  really quite elegant and beautiful and the lace ismade with the finest fax thread. The lace is as light as a feather! There is something about the gentle meandering vines and flowers on this lace that I like very much. The pictures are magnified and so the lace looks so much heavier  but in fact this has a incredible lightness of being, so to speak. The lace has it's original cream patina and measures approx.15" By 2  3/4".In mainly very good strong condition, there is a small storage spot on edge,some slight damage on heading, and some scattered tiny openings but overall the magnification makes them look larger than they actually are. A beautiful piece with excellent design and workmanship. I have to say.. the pictures I am afraid don't do much justice to this lace.These early fine laces are sometimes so difficult to photograph!