CIRCA LATE 18THC.FAN W/FIGURALS,URN,FLORALS AND COLORED SPANGLES. Circa late 18th Century fan with a superb design. The center of the fan has a elegant ornate urn or vase overflowing with flowers  and on one side a gentlemen in period dress  ad on the other a lady in period costume  and there are lovely pastoral scenes in the background.There are two oval vignettes filled what seems to be a lady's hat, staff and perhaps a picnic basket. there are wonderful decorations throughout the fan and dainty red, gold and silver spangles throughout the fan..The Chinoiserie guard sticks are quite elaborate ,two figures on one side with trees,vines and leaf designs and on the other there is one figure, again with a elaborate background. Overall the condition is good for it's age but there is one small missing part on top edge of guard stick, and one small one at side of stickone separation on edge near guard stick and some yellowing on a couple of sticks. The back of the fan has floral swags, some light stains. The scene on this fan is quite beautiful. I especially like the central vignette with the overflowing florals and also the tiny red, gold and silver spangles.

Item #AF35