CIRCA 1889, RARE PARIS EXHIBITION FILET LACE CLOTH W/MUSIC,POETRY DESIGNS. A rare  Filet lace panel,  tablecloth or bedspread that was specially made for the World's Fair Exposition in Paris in 1889.The Eiffel tower was created especially for this Exposition and it has been said that over thirty-two million people attended the fair, including famous luminaries like Thomas Edison, The Shah of Persia and others.The main theme of the exposition was to celebrate the overthrow of the French Monarchy.The panel is ornate and quite fabulous , the central theme is "La Science Et La Travail" which means the Science of Work.There is a large central vignette with classical dressed ladies underneath the title.The largest female seems to hold a torch? perhaps in a sign of the times.The worlds fair celebrated the centennial of the Fresh revolution.  So the theme was freedom, enlightenment ,work etc.The fine arts are depicted in each corner,Poetry, Music, Painting and Sculpture. The panel measures approx. 80" by 80" and probably would have been used as a back drop to a lace stand.The designs are grand and are large scaled with images of ladies in classical dress, children, cherubs, musical instruments etc.A Belle Epoque design of scrolling vines and florals with flower swags. The lace seems unused and was probably used in the Fair as a wall hanging.One could use as curtain, panel or bedspread if desired.